The internet has done amazing things for civilization. From e-commerce to connecting with loved ones from afar via social media, we certainly owe a lot to the internet for how much better life is because of it. That's not to say that it hasn't produced some facepalm moments that have us wondering if the internet is still worth having.

The Internet: Where people can review anything

Thanks to sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook... people have a platform that they didn't have before and it's still growing. With podcasts popping up left and right, and video channels blowing up on YouTube, there are many ways people can share their reviews with the world wide web.

I stumbled across the site which has a plethora of reviews on various cities throughout the country. The site allows you to filter reviews to see the worst of the worst and of course, I was curious to see what the internet thought about the growing city of Kuna. While there are a lot of great things said, we're sharing some of the most cringe-worthy reviews that will have you facepalming.

7 Savage Reviews of Kuna That Will Make You Facepalm

What do people have against the city of Kuna? Quite a bit! Let's look at some of the most savage reviews of Kuna according to

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

As I said, people can review anything and as we saw, people will go in on cities like Kuna on review sites like Niche. What makes the internet amazing is that because people can review anything, they'll even review things like dispensaries.

And, yes. You guessed it, we are sharing the worst of the worst reviews with you from dispensaries. These are so bad we almost wish that we had our own.

Hilarious Reviews of Dispensaries That Make Us Wish Idaho Had One

Here are the best 1-star reviews we found of weed dispensaries just outside of Idaho. Any marijuana enthusiast would argue that people living in legalized states are taking their privilege for granted.

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Boise Yelpers are saying that Hilltop Station has some of the best burgers and pizza ever... do you agree?

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7 Painful Reviews That Prove Boise Doesn't Deserve Its Nightlife

People can be so petty! We found some of the pettiest reviews of Idaho nightlife and they're making us want to facepalm. Have you ever encountered people like this?

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Here are twelve hilarious reviews we found of nudist resorts and springs in the Treasure Valley.

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