I don't know why but I am absolutely fascinated with optical illusions and eye tricks. It's amazing to me, how our eyes can play freaky tricks on us, like this one does.


Remember a few years ago when the internet blew up because we couldn't agree what color this dress was?

Was it blue and black or white and gold? (It turned out to be Black and blue by the way)

The video above is quite freaky...and I didn't believe it myself until I tried it.

As we focus on a certain point in our perception field, like the little black dot,  that point becomes the main object of our visual system.

When a blurry stimulus appears in a region of the visual field further from the point we are fixating on, and we keep our eyes still, that stimulus will seem to disappear even though it is still there.

This phenomenon is known as "Troxler's Fading". It occurs because even if our eyes move a little when we are fixating a point, away from that point, in the perception field, the movements aren't large enough to observe other elements. The neurons remain focused on the main object and our visual system doesn't involve new ones for the other elements.

Here are a few more fun illusions to check out that play some pretty amazing tricks on your eyes and brains....some are almost magical...just click the link and have fun


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