Have you ever toured a winery? It's fascinating, right?

It's a long process, but somehow in the end we're able to drink fruit. And the wine industry is growing like crazy in Idaho.

Even my home state of Nebraska has some tasty wines now, and believe me I've sampled my share of them.  There's great wine that comes out of places that we typically don't think of as being grape-growing spots, and Napa Valley, Italy, and Argentina aren't the only places that are mastering it.

The Idaho Statesman says wine is pouring millions into the Idaho economy.  Any guess how many wineries there are in Idaho?  If I hadn't peeked I'd probably guess a dozen, and I'd be way off.  There are 51!  That's up from 38 just a few years ago.

They'll have the Savor Idaho event at the Botanical Gardens with wine and food samples next month, since June is Idaho Wine Month.

Sipping wine with friends is fun!  It's a classy drink, and it's a smooth buzz...most of the time.  And since the wine industry is alive and well, it doesn't look like our suppliers will be slowing down anytime soon girls.  So red or white?

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