My heart went out to all of the juniors and seniors last year who didn't get to have a prom night because of COVID. There are all sorts of opinions on prom out there and whether or not it's really worth the hype. Regardless though I think prom for many is a monumental high school moment and I hate that what could've been such a special memory for these teens was taken away.

Looking ahead to better and brighter days though, prom has not gone away forever. More and more people getting vaccinated and and considering that the Pfizer vaccine is available to those 16 years and older, it's a possibility that prom night will happen this year for schools in and around Boise! In fact, some schools have already committed to the event.

Centennial High School in Boise just announced that they move forward and host a 2021 prom. Details regarding which grade levels are allowed and mask requirements are to follow. The date has been set for Saturday, June 5th at the high school.

Back in March controversy started after a Melba High School parent circulated a flier  around Facebook announcing a parent-hosted prom since the school wasn't planning on having one. The unofficial prom was scheduled for April 17th in Nampa. The Gatsby-referencing tagline of “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody.” was a bit distasteful might I add. The flier was eventually removed from Facebook after the parent reportedly received a call from school district officials. There's been no word on yet if this prom will happen or not.

It will be interesting to see what other schools plan to do moving forward, especially after Centennial High School's announcement.

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