It happens and unfortunately, it happens a lot but the latest police scam is out of Nampa. Apparently, there is a scheme going around that could not only cost you money but potentially your life.

Beware of "Lt. Maxey"

Nampa police recently warned Idahoans via a social media post that someone is once again, posing as a police officer. This time as a "Lieutenant Maxey" according to Nampa police:

Our dispatch center has received multiple reports this afternoon from people reporting someone claiming to be Lt. Maxey with the Nampa Police Department calling them.
IT IS NOT US! In the conversation, the scammer asks for personal information (i.e. social security numbers) and he talks about warrants that don’t exist. DON’T GIVE HIM THE INFORMATION!
That's right, folks... there is a person out there intimidating an officer yet again this time they are going by the name of "Lt. Maxey."

In case you're wondering - this is extremely dangerous!

While some people might scoff or laugh at the idea of being scammed by someone posing as an officer, this could easily be one of the most dangerous scenarios possible. If someone is gullible enough (some people are just too innocent), there is no telling what a convincing scam artist could pull off... especially with technology.

While yes, you risk compromising your data and information, you also run the risk of losing your life. If you fall for a scam like this you could wind up in a situation that could jeopardize your safety and we don't want that, right?

According to Nampa police:

We won’t call on the phone to serve a warrant or to collect your social security number.

Hopefully, that helps you avoid those pesky scammers!

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