Idaho is home to rivers, public campgrounds, and an indescribable quality of life. In the Gem State, you drive a Subaru or a big four-wheel-drive truck. Those trucks use a lot of gas and diesel. Have you noticed the price of gasoline? Who hasn't seen the price of gas in Idaho lately?

I just filled up my 2007 Toyota Camry, hardly a big masculine truck, which cost me over sixty dollars. (Full disclosure I paid for the non ethanol gas priced at $4.17 per gallon. As we reported here, the price of regular gas is fast approaching four dollars per gallon without relief in sight. Idahoans are already seeing the prices of everything related to transportation going up.

Could an Idaho politician use our current gas price crunch/crisis as an advantage while running for office? The primary is way off in May, but we are starting to see many folks jumping into the race.

Idaho ranks as one of the highest states for gasoline prices in the country. In the age of Tesla and Space X, why can't an Idaho politician figure out a method to lower our fuel prices?

The status quo proponents tell us our source of supplies limits us. However, Idaho has a history of beating the odds. Micron, now a world leader, was the work of Idaho entrepreneurs who had a belief that they could change the world. Joe Albertson began with one store, and Alberstons is one of the great brands known throughout the country.

Is there an Idaho politician who will develop a plan that will lower our fuel costs? We have politicians who come up with strategies to save social security, reduce taxes, reform the military; why not come up with a plan that will allow us to pay less at the pump? It's a solution that would be welcomed from the Subaru drivers to those big pickup truck drivers.

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