Ok, hear me out before you judge me for watching Frasier. I'm a huge Friends fan, I even once saw a live taping, but lately, in our house, Frasier has become the binge-worthy 90's sitcom.

I remember as a kid when Frasier would come on I would be like GAG ME, this is boring, and lame, and awful, and any other negative adjective that you could come up with. And back when I was a kid, I could come up with a lot!

But now as an adult, I've realized the humor on Frasier is really smart, and the relationships in that show are pretty unique and I guess I just love that it's a totally different story line than everything else you see.

Plus, Frasier takes place in Seattle which is unique because I feel like literally everything takes place in New York City. So it's Seattle, it's the 90's and it's right after Frasier moved back home From Boston. (Sidebar: Frasier was a spinoff of Cheers. Is Frasier the most successful spinoff series EVER?) He's a psychiatrist who does a RADIO show! My fiance is a psychologist and I'm a radio dude so she appreciates all the psychology references, and I love all the radio stuff. From a technical standpoint it can be a little frustrating when I'm thinking things like "that microphone isn't even plugged in!" but it's still a very enjoyable show.

I've also heard there will be a Frasier reboot after the pandemic where most of the original cast will be found. Can't wait to see what happens there!

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