As we wrap up 2022, a lot of us are looking ahead to the new year and wondering what's in store for us. For some people, the goal will be looking for a new job or making a career change. What should the criteria be for someone who is looking for a new employer? One could argue how many employees a company has could be a good indicator of what it's like to work there.

If a company employs a lot of people, shouldn't they in theory be among the best to work for? We looked at data from the Boise Valley Economic Partnership to determine who the largest employers in Boise were and there were quite a few recognizable names on the list.

Who Made The Cut?

No one should be surprised when they see the companies Micron and Albertsons on the list, but there were a few medical centers that made the cut as well. Surprisingly, fast food is a huge employer for the Treasure Valley as McDonald's also made the cut. From what I've heard - working for any of those companies, especially the Golden Arches, is a great opportunity that seems to employ amazing people.

But Who Employs The Most And How Many Is It?

The quick answer is St. Luke's which employs 6,000 to 6,999 employees according to BVEP. While they employ the most people, there are several companies in the Treasure Valley that match up pretty closely. Let's take a look at who is employing the most people in the Treasure Valley according to Boise Valley Economic Partnership.

Who Employs The Most People in Boise?

Let's take a look at the companies in Boise that employ the most employees according to Boise Valley Economic Partnership and the Idaho Department of Labor.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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