Halloween may look different this year, but that doesn't seem to be stopping anyone from buying up all the candy. Just yesterday I was seeing empty shelves in the candy aisle at Target. And I was in the candy aisle because I was buying some, too. Since my kids aren't trick-or-treating, I'm making them customized candy bags at home. So what candy does Idaho think belongs in those bags?

According to CandyStore.com, the potato state is all about corn...candy corn. In 2018 Idaho consumed almost 9,000lbs of the stuff. Personally, I'm appalled. Even more shocking, six other states consider it number 1. Alabama, Iowa, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, and Rhode Island all share the love of candy corn. I have to think it's to do with being in the festive mood more than the actual chalky, slightly bitter, almost plastic taste.

Idaho redeems itself with its second and third favorite candy choices: Starburst and Snickers. That's more my speed. I would always steal them out of my siblings' candy bags and once I became a mom I would steal them out of my kid's bag. Though I must betray myself in admitting lemon Starburst is my favorite, which most argue is the grossest flavor. So I have some nerve talking trash about candy corn.

At the very least, no state cited Necco Wafers, Circus Peanuts, Sixlets as a favorite in any position. That trio of trash should be abolished, and I will die on that hill. I even prefer the peanut butter candies in the black and orange wrappers, and those are nasty. Are you of the candy corn crowd? What's your favorite and which candy shouldn't exist?


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