Think of how many incredible stage performances Halsey has done and she broke her ankle loading the dishwasher... I've thought of making up a better story for how I broke my back because what actually happened is VERY lame.

Halsey tripped over her open dishwasher door and fractured her ankle bone, which sucks, but isn't like a cool story, right? I broke my back because I slipped on the top step in my old place and fell on my tailbone, giving me a compression fracture on my T-12 vertebrae. NOT COOL!

I had a back brace on for a few months and people would ask what happened, almost seeming to expect some crazy story and I was like "I fell down the stairs", and they'd ask if I was drunk and I was like "Nope, not drunk, just dumb."

How did you break something in a ridiculous way? Or do you actually have a cool story?

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