'90s kids couldn't wait for their shot at jury duty.

Who could forget watching O.J. Simpson's bizarre attempt to flee the cops in his white Ford Bronco during a slow-speed "chase" on the evening news? Not eight-year-old me in 1994.

As we watched it unfold in real-time on the little TV that sat on her beige formica kitchen counter, my Nana threw an epic conniption between drags of her Marlboro 100's when Simpson was acquitted. I can still hear it now...

That son-of-b!+@h did it! [Gloria takes a drag of her Marlboro 100] Unbelievable! [cough] He did it! I know he did it! Someone's getting paid! Look at the b@st@rd's smug smile! - Nana

Gosh, I miss your spunk, Nana

And what '90s kid could forget the Menendez brothers? Today, the formerly over-privileged teens who pled guilty to manslaughter in the deaths of their allegedly abusive parents are 34 years into their life sentences.

ICYMI: there's nothing exciting about the average jury duty assignment

The global media interest spurred by Simpson and the patricidal siblings had many a  '90s kid thinking jury duty would be a big deal in our adult years.

Well, they—okay, me/I—was wrong

Jury duty doesn't even crack my top 300 list of yearly concerns and priorities.



The reality of reporting to real jury duty looks nothing like the sensationalized court clips I watched with Nana through a cloud of cigarette smoke over dinner on the evening news.

It's actually one the most routine and inconvenient civil tasks Uncle Sam will ever ask of us. It's also one you can't always wiggle your way out of.

What Not to Wear: Idaho jury duty edition

Do Idaho jurors follow a dress code? What's the court's take on dressy jeans? Is cleavage an issue? Colors you shouldn't wear?

In preparation for my first round of local jury duty, wardrobe turned out to be a bigger deal than the court case I was assigned to. Go figure, right?

The gallery below sums up what you need to know about dressing for Idaho jury duty.

Scroll on for...

  • A look at what Idaho jurors can & can't wear in court

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