Listen, it's a lot of Marvel watching happening in this house. There are 6,578 movie and series following the adventures of 739 different heroes and villains. Of course I'm speaking in hyperbole. But there are seriously so many superheroes and that's without counting the DC Universe. Lots of superpowers between them all. Currently my 4 year old is convinced that he in fact is the actual Incredible Hulk and destroys everything in sight. Not my favorite superpower.

But what if we had a Super Idaho Man? What would his powers be? Obviously they should be pretty Idaho specific. I think I'd be right in thinking he'd have super fishing and hiking ability, right? As soon as he dips his hand in water, all the fish fight over who's going to jump into his grasp. And he can easily scale mountains. And mows a perfect lawn the first time, every time. At super speed. I don't know how any of these powers translate into protecting and serving the community. But screen writers can figure that out.

Also let's give him a utility belt with weaponry, like Batman. I'm a basic broad monster and naturally want his weapon of choice to be a potato gun. I know, I'm the worst. So you tell me, what should he be rocking with to fight bad guys? And who even are the villains in his story? Californians? Ahhhhh, I'm just kidding. Oh! What about skyrocketing housing costs?! His enemy can be a billionaire who is somehow responsible. Still don't know how his powers will combat that.. Ok, Treasure Valley, help me flesh this out 'cause now I'm thinking we really do need a Super Idaho Man.

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