I received an e-mail from the West Ada School District yesterday detailing what school will look like in the fall. I've been wondering if my kids will ever go back and they do have a plan in place. 

The email essentially said that we as parents will have two options. Either we can send our kids to school with precautions, like staggered lunches and some social distancing in place or parents have the option to continue online learning.

The school district said they will provide young kids with iPads and older elementary aged kids, middle, and high schoolers with laptops. This will not be an extra cost to parents and somehow they are able to budget it without major cuts to programs.

Nearly half of parents have said they are uncomfortable sending their kids back to school at the end of August, and with a resurgence of COVID-19 here in the Treasure Valley and across the country, it's hard to know what August will look like.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Will you be sending your kids back to school in the fall or do you want another option?

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