Here's the thing, I hate to always mention pandemic life but it's permeated every facet of our culture for the last year so it's hard not to. The good news is that we are seemingly over it. Idaho has moved to Stage 4, and the CDC announced guidelines for vaccinated people which really opens things up to normalcy in the Treasure Valley. But one thing that's still struggling to get back to normal is the workforce.

For tons of young professionals the pandemic (this is the last paragraph that'll mention it) had them reach a crossroads with their current jobs. Layoffs rocked many who just joined the work force. Workers deemed essential who stayed employed realized they weren't passionate about their jobs after the demands placed on them. College graduates were struggling to join a workforce that seemingly wasn't there. I mean, just a big ol' mess.

But things are starting to shift and the timing of Mallory's Mixer, hosted by Mix 106's midday jock Mallory, couldn't be more perfect. So what is it? Mallory's Mixer "presents the opportunity for people to meet up with other like-minded individuals who want to expand their professional network while also gaining mentoring advice from local business experts. Attendees will engage in meaningful conversations in a business casual setting while enjoying cocktails. Each week will feature a guest speaker that has well established ties to the Treasure Valley and can provide valuable insight and advice through a Q&A session moderated by Mallory."

That's straight from the horse's (event description's) mouth. And while I already have a job I love, I definitely relish the opportunity to learn and make connections with other young professionals in the Treasure Valley. This week's guest speaker came from University of Dubuque- Meridian, who discussed all about making a career switch through the pathway of education as well as all the options available to people looking to further their education while also maintaining their current livelihoods.

Even better, I was sipping on an ice cold IPA the whole time. Powderhaus Brewing Company has lent their incredible space as the venue for this weekly event running every Thursday through June 24th. Chill vibes, spacious seating, and all the delicious local beer you can drink WHILE networking and gaining valuable knowledge as you navigate the professional world. Not to mention they've always got a food truck ready to feed you.

After the the guest speaker there's time for you to mingle with others while listening to music. And let me tell you, Mallory's playlist is dope. So if you haven't been to one of the mixers yet, mark it on your calendar and make plans. All the info you need is right here.

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