The Boise Towne Square Mall re-opened yesterday, but that doesn't mean all stores are open inside. Plenty of stores are still closed, plus be prepared for shopping to feel a little different. 

I ventured over to the Boise Towne Square Mall yesterday to buy a baby gift for a friend. I was curious as to whether or not a lot of people would be there and what stores were open. Here's what I found.

Mid afternoon around 2 p.m. the mall was busier than I expected, not a total ghost town, but certainly not what we are used to.

Macy's is open, but the make-up counters remain closed. Other stores that you'll find open are Foot Locker, Journey's, Champ Sports (my son is a sports fanatic, so he was happy to see this and Foot Locker open.) Apple, Starbucks, Williams Sonoma, and Pottery Barn were open.  Here's a full list of what stores are open and the precautions they are taking.  Big retailers like JcPenney Kohl's, and Dillards remain closed. JcPenney is expected to file for bankruptcy according to CNN, so only time will tell what stores will remain open and what stores may close forever.

Social distancing and hand sanitization is recommended throughout the mall. It has also been recommended that you wear a mask when going into public places according to the CDC.

Governor Little is expected to give more details about whether or not we can move into Stage 2 of re-opening the economy on Thursday, May 14th.

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