Maybe you grew up with a restaurant that you just loved, then you moved to Idaho, and we don't have it here.  What restaurant are we missing, that you would love to see in the Treasure Valley?

Runza comes to mind for me!  If you lived in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, or Colorado at any point in your life you're well schooled on what runzas are. My mom made them from scratch at least once a month as I was growing up in Nebraska, and the Runza restaurant was in the all the mall food courts and on fast food rows right there with McDonald's and Wendy's.

Runzas are just bread pockets filled with ground hamburger, seasoned usually with salt and pepper and cabbage.  That's the traditional kind, and then you can get into the cheeseburger runza, Italian runza, Philly style, and other varieties. Yum.  It's hard to make them just right, so I'm starting a campaign to bring Runza restaurants to Idaho.

Steak 'n Shake is another idea.

What other regional restaurants would you love to see in the Treasure Valley?

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