Ask most people about Idaho and the first thing that comes to mind is what? Yeah, that's right potatoes. Heck yeah potatoes, there is nothing wrong with that. We embrace the taters, we love our spuds, and why wouldn't we. WE love it SOOO much we are making it our focus for our annual New Years celebration. Want to be part of this glowing, starchy tradition? We have your VIP passes right NOW!

The Potato Drop is in its 4th year and each go around its getting bigger and brighter, this year is no doubt going to be one of the best. Mix106 in conjunction with the Idaho Potato Drop is offering special VIP Passes just by click on this link right HERRRRRRRREEEE. Want to see this magically massive spud drop from the sky over Downtown Boise? Didn't get to experience last year's "drop"?

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