It's my not my fault, I blame my friend.  He posted a birthday note on Facebook for one of the actors from one of my favorite shows, The A-Team.  That started me on a little binge. 

Thanks to Netflix, all 5 magical seasons of one of the greatest television shows of our time are available to me.  Thanks to the weekend, it was possible to have them on while I did laundry, dishes, cleaned up the living room, and soon, I kept advancing to the next episode and had binged 6 episodes in a row.

This isn't good.

At first, I was productive during the viewing party (for one), but soon, I found myself paying more attention to each episode, trying to see if my memory of that specific episode, moment, or scenario was intact.

Also, thanks to nostalgia, the A-Team "holds up."  It really doesn't, the stunts are weak, the visuals are dated, and some of the scenarios are so unlikely, but it doesn't matter.  It's great to be reunited.

Do you have a show like this?  Is there one you've binged and allowed any expectation of a semblance of reality to slip away?

What are you watching?  I'll be eager to check out your answers, once I finish about 7 more episodes.