Last November, we shared the news that the beloved game show was adapting the way they do auditions so that they could continue to search for contestants during the pandemic. 

The producers decided to take the casting call virtual and allowed families to apply for the show online. The application asks you to tell the show about your family in 10,000 characters or less and to add a video to show off what makes them great contestants for the show.

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Something about the Patel family's application must've really impressed the producers, because the family flew from Boise to Tyler Perry Studios in Lawrenceville, Georgia to film their episode of the show! It's scheduled to air for the first time on Monday, October 18.

If you happen to be a fan of the Homestead Bar and Grill in Meridian, some of the faces on Team Patel are going to look awfully familiar. Owners, Anisha (Patel) Kiebel and her husband, Zach, are competing with Anisha's sister Lisa and two other family members. Anisha shared the news on Facebook and promised to update family members about exactly what time and what channel to watch the episode as it gets closer!

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We're sure the Patel family is going to make Boise proud and can't wait to see the episode! Perhaps a watch party at Homestead is in order?

By the way, if you think YOUR family deserves a spot on the show, producers are still doing the audition process virtually and you can find more information about how to apply HERE! 

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