Some coworkers and I were chatting the other day about what movie-watching and video streaming is like today compared to how it used to be, and we started reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ when you’d go into a Blockbuster Video Store to rent your movies, or how Netflix first started by sending out DVDs in the mail – but that’s definitely not the case anymore.

Time is moving fast, and it’s crazy to think that now these stores don’t even exist.

I remember going to Blockbuster stores with my family and spending way too much time looking through all the isles of VHS tapes or DVDs, trying desperately to find something we could all agree to watch and enjoy. While this was the most frustrating part, it also created a lot of great memories.

Going to Blockbuster was a family activity. It was part of the experience. I miss that.

Now, rather than going to the store and arguing about what we’re going to watch, we can do it from the comfort of our own homes. We just have to scroll through the endless categories and options on our preferred streaming platforms.

Google Maps
Google Maps

But this got me thinking, are there any open Blockbusters in Boise? And unfortunately, the answer is no.

So, now that all 6 of Boise’s Blockbuster Video Stores are permanently closed, what took their place?

Check out what these Blockbuster locations are like today.

What Boise's Blockbuster Video Stores Look Like Today

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