There is nothing better than the gorgeous sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures we have been experiencing around the Treasure Valley lately. It's clear that summer is right around the corner which makes me more excited to get outdoors especially for meals.

Savannah and I love to grill out on our back patio in fact we did that this past weekend but while eating we starting talking about checking out local vineyards in our area. Since we moved here we have heard great things about fantastic vineyards in the Snake River Valley, and we're thinking it's time to try them out for ourselves.

Personally I really want to check out Williamson Orchards and Vineyards after they helped us make some Billy and Charene wine around Christmas then again around Valentine's Day.

We have gone wine tasting before but we never found a wine that was perfect for us. Most of the wine we likes were white wines, but more of a sugary taste. I would like something easy and smooth. Any suggestions for the wine rookies to check out in our area?

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