1 || Idaho has an aversion to technological progress. 

IMPIRICALLY FALSE! Of the 800 brilliant tech/software companies that call Idaho home, Continuous Composites is famous for inventing continuous fiber 3D printing that utilizes Kevlar.

ICYMI: as it turns out, Uncle Sam's military is quite fond of this Idaho business. And feel free to peruse this list of Top 100 Tech Companies in Idaho by the Idaho Business Review.


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2 || Idaho is America's hermit state.

NO WAY! We're not sure where or when this one started, but given most Idahoans' dislike of enclosed spaces or activities and our disdain for sedentary lifestyles, we're baffled by the assumption.

PS, over the weekend, Boise airport announced an increase in flights to and from the east coast to increase accessibility on both ends of the spectrum. Hermits simply wouldn't do that, now would they?


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3 || We're a bunch of bigoted brutes. 

AN ABSOLUTE LIE. Anyone who spends more than a minute in our great state can attest to how friendly Idahoans are! Are we perfect? No. But show us a state that is. Idahoans are generous beyond belief and nice for the sake of being nice. We're a lot of things, but bigoted ain't one of 'em. For examples of how cool we are, check out our experiences with making friends in the Gem State.


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Next, please.

4 || Our agriculture industry is a one-trick, potato-lovin' pony, and that's all, folks! 

UNTRUE & UNORIGINAL. *Yawn.* It's hard to believe people are still peddling this one. While it's true that Idaho produces 1/3 of America's potatoes, we raise 11 other crops that are equally as significant to the nation's agriculture scene.


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5 || We're jobless in Idaho. 

A RIDICULOUS LIE. The first quarter of 2022 saw a historically low seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 2.7% back in March—the lowest rate ever recorded since the IDL started keeping books in 1976! One month after Idaho’s unemployment rate "hit pan," HWOL reported “2.1 job openings for every unemployed Idahoan looking for work.”


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Okeydokey, smokey! We're pretty confident we've busted these five Idaho myths.

We've led the horse to the proverbial watering hole, and now it's on you to do with the info what you will. Idaho's a pretty amazing place to live, and that's a fact we'll always defend.


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