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ICYMI: Idaho’s job market is hot for entry-level workers.


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According to the Idaho Department of Labor, the Gem State’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is more than on the mend.

In fact, it’s thriving like your ex’s post break-up revenge body.


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The first quarter of 2022 saw a historically low seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 2.7% back in March—the lowest rate ever recorded since the IDL started keeping books in 1976.


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Help Wanted Online is a national index that measures change in advertised digital job postings and monthly employment trends.


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One month after Idaho’s unemployment rate "hit pan," HWOL reported “2.1 job openings for every unemployed Idahoan looking for work.”


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But despite the celebratory record low, Gem State employers remain hamstrung in the surge to fill employment vacancies. Put another way, Idaho has more jobs than it has citizens to fill them, spurring employers to “hire people that may have been once overlooked, like teens and young adults.”


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Given the timing, it’s an especially exciting opportunity for higher education students on summer break looking to make money—which brings us to our final destination!


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Whether you’re a higher education student or someone looking for entry-level work, we rounded up a list of opportunities—remote and on-site—that pay top dollar for your time and talents. Each position was posted by an Indeed-verified employer with compensation rates of $22.00 an hour or more.


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NOW HIRING: Entry-Level Boise Jobs That Pay Over $30.00 An Hour


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  1. Boise Journeyman Electrician for GW Electric - Full-time $42.00/hr
  2. Gunsmith & Firearms Manufacturing Specialist for Allterra Arms - Full-time $19.00-$27.00/hr
  3. Appointment Setter for Fluent Solar - Full & Part-time $20.00-$75.00/hr
  4. Financial Representative for Northwestern Mutual - Full-time $52,000-$106,000/yr
  5. Sustainability + Nutrition Rep for Full Circle - Full & Part-time $15.00-$45.00/hr
  6. Field Surveyor for Osmose Utility Service Inc - Full-time $24.00/hr
  7. Utility Pole Inspector for Osmose Utility Service Inc - Full-time $26.00-$32.00/hr
  8. Automotive Sales Consultant for Bronco Motors - Full-time $45,000-$100,000/yr
  9. Automotive Parts Consultant for Bronco Motors - Full-time $40,000-$60,000/yr
  10. Utility Locate Technician for ELM Utility Services - Full-time $16.00-$30.00/hr
  11. Delivery Driver for Reliable Logistics - 10-hr shift - Contract $425.00/day
  12. Sewer/Water Excavation Technician for Wickstrom Plumbing, Heating & Cooling - Full-time $45,000-$100,000/yr
  13. Internet Sales Rep for Peterson/Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Ram - Full-time $20.00-$25.00/hr
  14. Sleep Expert for Mattress Firm - Full-time $68,000-$105,000/yr
  15. Cooker Operator for GoGo Squeeze - 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. $29.99+/hr
    1. $1,000 Hiring Bonus
  16. Team Lead for Walmart - Full-time $24.04+/hr

To find more remote or on-site positions within this pay range and skill level, apply the filters listed below on Indeed Boise! 

  • Filtered by:
    • Entry level
    • Within 50 miles of Boise
    • Salary: $22.50+/hour
    • Education: high school degree
    • Remote & on-site

Good luck, friend! You got this!

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