This truly is the most wonderful time of the year. As a NFL fan there is nothing better than week one of football knowing you have the full season in front of you. It means spending lots of time on upcoming Sundays eating too much food wearing comfy warm clothes as fall sets in outside. Unfortunately my Seattle Seahawks lost in week one to the Denver Broncos by a field goal, but at least I ate some delicious Red Beans and Rice.

Like a majority of football fans I love to cook lots of food to eat while watching football all day long on Sunday. Normally throughout the season I will make a variety of things from chips and queso, a taco bar, or possibly something off the grill. Normally whatever I create on Sunday often comes back for dinner during Monday Night Football, which was the case this week.

While it was a crazy week in the NFL, I look forward to my Seahawks rebounding and the food getting better and better as the season goes along. This upcoming week I have plans so a lazy football Sunday isn't possible, but I'm already thinking of my next recipe to slap together on Sunday the 23rd. Go Hawks!

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