Information is power; the last thing you want is to hand your power over to someone else. Especially someone that you don't know or someone that will ultimately use that power for purposes that you're not on board with.

I recently ran across a website called True People Search dot com. I entered my name and the state of Idaho and was shocked to see what it knew. The website came back with my last four home addresses, the cell phone numbers of my wife and kids, and my email address. It also had my wife, kids, parents, and in-laws' names listed.

How can a website know so many personal details? Usually, websites like this don't show information without passing through a paywall. In this case, it's open for anyone to see. I'm not sure how many sites like this exist, but I can imagine there are a lot. In the case of True People Search dot com, there is a link to request that your information be removed.

After clicking the link to remove my information, I am still waiting to receive the link that was supposed to come to my email. The website says your information will be removed within 72 hours of clicking the link they send. So far, no link.

The legality of sites like this to display personal information varies by jurisdiction, making it difficult to stop this from happening to you. You can check to see if your details are there and ask to be removed immediately.

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