Seriously... I feel like I'm always on a diet and then places like Krispy Kreme release special treats like this and I... Have... No... Self... Control!

It's hard enough to pass Krispy Kreme on Eagle in Meridian all the time without pulling in for a fresh donut and some hot coffee when I definitely don't need it but then they have specials LIKE THIS?!

Yeah, seriously. I want the banana pudding one pronto. Again, I don't need it but man, what a treat. Or the mud pie. Proudly, I do have enough restraint to stay away from the coconut one, mainly because I hate coconut but y'know.

Anyway, if you're not on any kind of a diet, I'd jump in and grab one of these dessert donuts cause they're only available for a limited time, through June 24th.

I'll just head home and eat some broccoli cause I've enjoyed too many treats since the quarantine.

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