Seriously. Oh, and this doesn't include college so get ready!

It's funny cause my fiance and I are both in our early 30's and excitedly awaiting the day we have a child... Or two, or three, tops. And then I stumble across this article that indicates that it will cost over a quarter of a million dollars to raise a kid!

According to ValuePenguin, when you add up what you spend on food, housing, clothing, things they need for school, medical bills and everything, a child can cost you about $252,000 over the course of the eighteen years you're expected to provide for them.

Now, it also indicates that you get more bang for your buck when you have a high volume of children; it ends up being much less per year, per kid, when you have several.

So it may take a while before you're ready to afford a kid, but there's also the other argument that I hear quite a bit that says you'll never truly be ready, and to just go for it. So, we shall see!

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