Here’s something pretty cool, that most of us take for granted. The International Space Station flies overhead continuously every day and once in a while, the space station flies over at a time and a location that is visible to us here in the Treasure Valley. This Tuesday morning is one of those days!

If you have a little time tomorrow morning, the International Space Station will be visible for about 5-minutes starting at 7:01am MT.

Scan the sky over Bronco stadium towards the South Western Sky and for what looks like a moving star. It will be heading across the sky towards the North Western Sky towards Table Rock.  It should be one of the brighter stars in the sky, as bright as Venus. It will be the only 'star' that is moving, so it should be hard to miss, as long as the weather co-operates and as of right now we are looking as mostly clear skies.

The ISS is around 1-million pounds with a span around the size of a football field, moving around 17,500 mph. There are currently six total astronauts aboard – Three Americans, two Russians and an Italian.

Don’t worry, if you miss it tomorrow, it will be visible again for 5-minutes this Thursday (11/16) at 6:54 a.m., but this time it will be moving west to South.

Here's an example of what you will be looking for!

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