2020 has felt like a hopeless, helpless year of trash in many ways. It's been easy to let myself sink into a haze of disillusionment with the world. Wallowing in that funk isn't helpful to anyone and really is such a bratty way of thinking when there are actually so many ways to help the state of the world if even in a small way.

The Idaho Office for Refugees piqued my interest. As the daughter of a Cuban immigrant who fled her country to escape communism, I've always had a heart for refugees. But I've never known much of the process outside of what my mother experienced. The website provides information on their mission and ways you can help. I've added myself to their email list for updates on those opportunities.

Women's and Children's Alliance's mission is near and dear to my heart. Dedicated to facilitating  "safety, healing and freedom from domestic abuse and sexual assault," this organization is close to my heart after having survived sexual assault myself. It is important to me to lend my support in any capacity to victims of such atrocities the way many individuals have supported me.

So while 2020 has seemed a bleak year, we mustn't just give up. There's a lot to fix in the world, but we can start small and still make an impact.



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