This past weekend Savannah and I visited the Whitefish Mountain Resort to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. The trip was nice and peaceful, very relaxing and we had a good time. Although we both agree probably the best part of the trip was the multiple trips down the Alpine Slide at Whitefish Mountain Resort.

The slide itself is about 1/3 of a mile and and feels like you really are going down the mountain with some speed. The was a lever that was on each one of the scooters to go down the track my first slide I didn't go full speed the entire time as I was trying to get a feel for it. The second trip down the slide I did go full speed and that is the ride shown in the video above.

As we were getting the instructions on how to go down the slide safely we saw a sign that said no selfie sticks. I asked the workers there if they had problems with selfie sticks in the past that is when they told me about people hitting their selfie sticks on things as they go down the mountain which caused the phone to fly and hit them in the face. OUCH. Be careful with selfie sticks.

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