Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and it'll be the first (and hopefully last) one that'll be celebrated during the pandemic. So your go-to plans might not be on the table this year. Often referred to as amateur hour in the food and beverage industry, people who don't usually go out for a fancy dinner do so on Valentine's day. But this year lots of restaurants are closed or limiting capacity. Going out for drinking and dancing isn't necessarily as easy this year either. This year it makes sense to focus on getting your SO a dope gift.

So don't screw it up by giving them any of these lame things. A new survey shows what people hate these gifts the most:

1.  Furry handcuffs
2.  Flowers
3.  A heart-shaped box of chocolates
4.  A funny card
5.  Lingerie
6.  Champagne
7.  A love coupon book
8.  Perfume
9.  Underwear
10.  You serenading them

Perhaps the worst combination would be furry handcuffs, lingerie, and a love coupon book. I mean, talk about cheesy and self serving. The thoughtfulness to this gift is damn near non existent. Just seems like you want to get laid. And that's awesome, but hardly a gift.

Flowers, chocolates, cards--BORING. There's no creativity or customization to this. It's lazy and a waste of money. The best part of course would be the candy, but that goes on sale for half price the next day. It's a waste of money when you could have put that toward something your partner actually wants.

The only one I disagree with is a serenade, but only if it's an original song, or a parody of a song with original lyrics. That's an awesome opportunity to highlight your favorite memories and qualities in a funny way. Yes, it has to be comedic. If you're just singing a love song from the radio, that's weak. Your partner can hear that if they're with you listening to the radio.

Essentially it's all about making a gift personal. My favorite Valentine's Day gift was a gift basket filled with my favorite vegan snacks and Game of Thrones merch since I stan GoT with all my heart. So start brainstorming what you can get your lover, 'cause champagne and perfume aren't cutting it this year.

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