Apparently there is a ton of hullabaloo about fireworks in the Treasure Valley and how legally people are or aren't using them. It's a topic of discussion that comes up around 4th of July and New Year's Ever, I've been told by Kevin Miller of KIDO Talk Radio who is well versed in the matter. I'm here to tell you why fireworks in general are trash and should be banned altogether. An unpopular opinion? Maybe, but allow me to explain.

First of all, they are loud on a level that isn't made up for with their appearance. The aggressive booms and whistles that accompany fireworks scare pets and babies all night long, making for restless nights not only for them, but their owners and parents respectively who must try and soothe them. And for what? Short of professional displays, all fireworks are fairly basic: Some shooting streaks of color and sparkly showers that last for no more than a minute and a half.

Then there's the aftermath left in the streets. ugly charred spots, ashes, and debris everywhere. And let's not pretend everyone cleans up after themselves. They don't. And then for weeks afterward you're playing dodge in your car to avoid running over some leftover bit that could puncture your tire.

Maybe the noise doesn't bother you. Maybe all the crud left in the street is a non factor. What about your social media feed? Are you really going to tell me that you enjoy scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and seeing 4,765,987 grainy videos of the same 5 fireworks for an entire weekend? Cute boomerangs holding sparklers is where I budge a little bit. But even the big fancy pro ones you might see a venue put aren't exciting through the lens of your smart phone. Best to eliminate the opportunity.

Finally, no matter how much warning is given, there are always weirdo accidents that send people to the hospital because they didn't follow directions. Fireworks exploding in people's faces and blowing off fingers. It's not worth it for some flashes of color. How annoying for the workers in the ER who have enough to deal with.

But above all, fireworks are not a good birthday gift for summer babies. My birthday is July 3rd and there's this awful assumption that I must love fireworks and always receive them as gifts. I don't. For the aforementioned reasons. And I'm fully aware this birthday reason is specific to me, but I couldn't help mentioning it. Anyway, all that to say I'm sure there are other ways to celebrate the birth of this nation and fireworks should stop being it.

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