BOISE, Idaho. The cozy and intriguing home of seven spectacular lofts, the Pink Guest House (Airbnb) is a hidden gem nestled in downtown Boise! A friend to all independent and conscientious travelers, the Airbnb is just a few blocks away from:
  • downtown Boise's best bars & restaurants;
  • the Boise Farmers Market;
  • the Idaho State Capitol Building;
  • and the Boise Co-Op Organic Marker.

Whether you're visiting from out-of-town or you're a local hitting it up for a staycation, one or all of the seven rental lofts on this property will make your stay! And while there's no denying the quirky Airbnb's proximity to Boise's bustling nightlife and culture scene are definitely major perks, we value its unique one-of-a-kind vibe above all! 

Keep scrolling for pictures that highlight our favorite aspect of each beautiful loft!

The Extraordinary Boise Airbnb With 7 Unique & Delightful Surprises

BOISE, Idaho. The home of seven spectacular lofts, the Pink Guest House (Airbnb) is a hidden gem nestled in downtown Boise!

Scroll for a gallery depicting one unique facet of each loft!

Jaw Dropping Views in Luxe Airbnb Cabin with Spa 5 Hours from Boise

This Park City luxury cabin is extraordinary with all the amenities and breathtaking views all around. This massive place can sleep 16 people. Perfect for skiers 

😍 SOLD! A Boise Bench Home Straight Out of the '90s

The final decade of the last Millennium has people reminiscing and partying like it's 1999

From music and movies, to fashion and pop culture, 2022 is rife with hella cool '90s nostalgia with no signs of stopping. Its latest conquest is the 2022 housing market and home design! Droves of prospective homebuyers in Idaho and around the country are searching for the back-to-the-basics vibe of '90s home design.

This is why it comes as no surprise that this '90s Boise Bench home listing stole our hearts. Scroll through our gallery of pics for a trip down memory lane. Could this '90s house become your next Boise home?

PS, We probably had a little too much fun with the captions, but whateverrr!

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📙 Mystery novel fans are enchanted by the mystery within this Garden City beauty!

💎 Listed at $1.3M, this Treasure Valley gem on the river has a secret room.

🕵🏽‍♂️ Use your expert sleuthing skills to find its concealed living space!

We'll reveal the secret location at the end of the gallery!
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