If you need an Uber ride and you're not in a big hurry, you may have an advantage soon.  Uber is working on lower fares for riders who can wait a few minutes.

An Uber employee tweeted the news this week and then deleted the post, but The Quartz followed up with the company and got a statement confirming that it is a possibility to pay less as a reward for waiting.  Uber is testing the feature now that would give lower fares to customers who aren't in a big toot to have someone pick them up.

It doesn't sound like you would have to wait long to save a few bucks.  The Quartz used the example of being picked up at 4:56 pm for $10.18, or wait until 5 pm and pay $8.15.  That's about 25% less.  Sure, why not.

Maybe this test of patience is becoming a new trend.  Amazon offers some nice gestures to customers who can wait too.  They'll ship it now, but they usually tell me if I can wait a hot second and accept the "no-rush" shipping, they'll send me a music credit or an incentive on Amazon Fresh or something else small yet worthwhile if I'm not in dire need of those new phone chargers and leggings. Technology has made us impatient, but if we can muster up a deep breath and chill out, companies are finding little ways to reward us.

Uber has also been known to raise rates during peak times like New Year's Eve, so the idea of different fares at different times isn't anything new.

So, would ya wait?

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