Using Uber on St. Patrick's Day Could Save You $20,000
The green beads and beers are expensive enough on St. Patrick's Day, and getting a DUI on top of that could make it the most expensive holiday ever. One group is teaming up with Uber to encourage everybody to take a sober ride home to save some lives and thousands of dollars too
UberEATS is in Boise
To busy to get to your favorite food place? No worries there is an APP for that, and it debuted in Boise this morning. Welcome to UberEATS.
UberEATS Coming to Boise?
We live in fast paced world. The lifestyle of hurry up and go has become the norm. So why should getting your food be any different? Well, there is an APP for that.
Boise Uber Riders May Have to Pay More
If you're busy finishing up that last drink or conversation with friends and you make the Uber driver sit outside, that's going to cost you.
Here's how long the Uber driver will wait before you rack up an extra charge.
Ride With Uber At BMF!
Uber is the official ride for the 2015 Boise Music Festival! You can get a free ride up to $20 on June 27th from the Boise Music Festival! Get the code and ride with Uber!

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