What a wild ride this pandemic life has been. Remember when wearing a mask began as a precaution just in case? Then it became highly recommended. Then businesses started requiring them and mandates were put in place meant to enforce mask wearing. The mask industry boomed and fashion and custom masks are everywhere now. I even have a custom Moug & Angie Mornings mask I like to rock. But now as Covid-19 numbers are down and more and more people are getting vaccinated, wearing a mask is starting to seem less necessary. But I will continue wearing my mask.

I am completely vaccinated and tend to keep my distance from people anyway, but I am a lazy human. And that laziness equals me not applying makeup or shaving my mustache as regularly as I did before the pandemic. The masks spoiled me and I'm not ready to give that up! So long as I do my hair and groom my brows a little, I can give the illusion of attractive human woman without having to spend time on my face to make it actually so.

Also, turns out I'm rude and everyone annoys me. Wearing a mask has let me openly make facial expressions of annoyance and disgust as people say and do stupid things that drive me insane. And they are none the wiser because of the handy dandy mask. You'd be surprised how dead I can keep my eyes while the rest of my face contorts in judgment.

I bet you're realizing the mask is less annoying than you initially thought, huh? You can be judgey and ugly and thriving behind a mask. And if anyone asks you can just say you're wearing it out of an abundance of caution. Life hack unlocked!

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