Inspiration Alley was can be found behind the Oliver Russell building on 11th Street in downtown Boise. It was first created by a man named Russ Stoddard back in September. Two new faces have just been added to the wall which was first created to inspire any and all who strolled through the alley or caught a glimpse of it when driving drive by on Grove Street.

The wall feature's some of the world's most courageous activists. Maya Moore and Colin Kaepernick were the first to be honored and painted onto the wall on he back of Stoddard's office building. The faces of Dolores Huerta and Malala Yousafzai will now join them on Inspiration Alley.

"[Dolores is] a long time civil rights activist, a labor leader, and she's a presidential medal winner, and at 90 years of age she's still out there working trying to improve the lot of human beings," Stoddard explained to KTVB. "[Malala] was shot by the Taliban in the face for actually advocating for the education of women. She became the youngest winner of the Nobel Prize as a result."

The portraits were painted by Collin Pfeifer and Hawk Sahlein of Sector 17.

Stoddard also shared to KTVB that he believes it is women who run the world saying, "I actually happen to think, and I take a few hits on this, that women get most of the work done in the world, so we wanted to actually honor more women than men," He continued, "It represents a couple of athletes, some activist, someone who is multiracial, someone who is a Muslim, someone who is Hispanic. We're trying to just broaden that message out there for the community that it takes all types."

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