You may have heard about or seen Timber + Love Realty signs around Boise recently. Those signs and the men behind them are going to be well known very soon.

Two Boise guys were offered their very own show on HGTV called Boise Boys!

Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell are calling their style "Idaho-Mod" - Idaho warmth mixed with modern touches.

Luke is one of JD’s friends and such an amazing person. He’s been dying to talk about it for a while and it's finally out!

These guys find diamonds in the rough, a home with a story and some history, and they get in there and tear them up and make them beautiful again.

I love that Boise is making so many "top lists" lately and now our beautiful city will be featured on its very own TV Show! How cool is that?!

The pilot episode airs on HGTV on May 21. If all goes well, we could be seeing a lot more of the Boise Boys! I'm so excited to see what's in store for them!


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