The Eagle football team is supposed to play it's first game of the season August 25th on a brand new football field, but that may not be happening. Here's why.

Eagle's football field needed some major repairs after the Mustangs played several seasons on turf that was installed back in 2006. Before this upgrade, the field was in such rough shape that it failed two safety tests last fall, and the Idaho Statesman said the safety issues reached "life threatening" levels at one point.  Something had to be done.

Crews have been working on the $600,000 upgrade since April.  With the first game of the season scheduled for next Friday night, August 25th, you might picture crews putting on the white stripes and other finishing touches at this point.  But at last check, they were still working on the gravel base that they said wasn't quite stable enough to accept the turf.  The company that's doing the work has been getting fined $1000 per day since August 4th, since the field isn't ready.

Field or not, we know the guys are ready to play.  The Mustangs are having a Varsity Jamboree tonight at 5pm at Meridian High, and they'll play their first game next Friday night the 25th against Mountain View. Somewhere.  If the game can't be played at Thunder Stadium, the game will be moved to Rocky Mountain's Brighton Stadium at 7pm.

The West Ada School District will make that call on Tuesday.

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