If you happen to be one of the unfortunate ones driving into this area (Federal Way in Boise, Idaho) then you'll notice a HUGE truck flipped over on to its side in the middle of the road and 'YES', that's why traffic is going nowhere.

The accident took place around 10:45 this morning and we don't know yet if there were any injuries.  The Boise Police Department along with other emergency crews have been on the scene for almost two hours now and they say Federal Way may be blocked off for a long time today.  Both directions of Federal Way have been blocked off but authorities are hoping to have at least the south direction opened up to allow some traffic through.

KTVB is on the scene and will be giving updates throughout the day.  Their report states that the trailer tipped over and is on its side on the northbound lanes of Federal Way close to Gowen Road.  What caused the accident is a mystery for now.  We should hopefully have that information very soon.

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