Right Tree, Wrong Place

The average Joe plants a tree for a variety of reasons. Enhancing air quality, reducing erosion and pollution, increasing biodiversity, and home beautification, of course, are fantastic grounds. That said, we think it's safe to assume most Idahoans plant trees with the best of intentions. Why else would anyone pursue such a physically demanding project?
But according to Gerry Bates, a forestry specialist for Idaho Dept. of Lands, good tree selection accounts for more than aesthetic appeal and what it has to offer. Before either of those factors come into focus, appropriate region and location take precedence.
As I travel the state working with Idaho communities, I often see tree planting projects that make me scratch my head and wonder why a particular situation occurred.  I realize that every tree is planted with good intentions, but good tree selection doesn’t only have to consider whether or not the tree will be successful, but also the location in which it’s planted.

Idaho Zones 3 - 6

If we let Bates' "right tree, wrong place" sentiment be our guide, what choices do we have? To find out, we turned to the Gardening Dad for inspiration. Check out the gallery below highlighting six trees that thrive in Idaho's hardy zones 3 through 6, and one tree that poses a serious threat to your yard!

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Before you start digging, make sure you're planting the right tree in the right place! Check out our favorite picks for trees that thrive in Idaho.

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