What was your favorite store or restaurant or activity that you remember as a kid that isn't here anymore? And do you have pictures? Share them!

I love looking at old pictures of the Boise/Treasure Valley area and imagining what life was like back then. Not like early 1900's old, but like 1980's or 90's. Thinking about the places people used to love to go to that are now long gone. Or simply, thinking about how things have just changed.

Meridian High School, for example. My understanding (I wasn't around in the early 1900's obviously) has been in three locations; originally on the corner of Meridian and Pine, then it was in the facility that is now Meridian Middle school on Cherry, and since the 70's has been in it's current location on Pine and Linder.

It's just kind of cool to see how quickly this area has exploded and it's obviously going to continue doing so for years, but also cool to see what it all looked like before.

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