Most of all, moms just want time with family on Mother's Day.  And the Treasure Valley offers up a bunch of experience gifts that will be a big hit with Mom on May 12th and beyond.

Some of the top Mother's Day gifts this year will be foot massagers, cookbooks, jewelry, and flowers, according to New York Magazine.  Fuzzy slippers and body lotions always seem to make their way to moms on holidays too, whether it's Christmas, Valentine's Day, or Mother's Day.  All of those gifts are good, but sometimes moms just want to hit pause on the busy routine and break out and do something fun with the people she cares about the most.  So let's go bowling or something!

The Treasure Valley is full of great experience gifts that will probably top a homemade coupon for a free back rub.

The Village at Meridian is always a great place for shopping sprees and date nights, and if the weather is nice this Sunday it will be the perfect spot for a Mother's Day brunch or lunch on a patio.  The Village Cinema is there too so Mom can finally see Avengers: End Game or Long Shot, depending on her mood.

Roaring Springs Water Park will be opening up soon, and while we wait we can hang out at Wahooz Family Fun Zone and Pinz.  Part of the joy of being a mom is watching the kids have fun without having to plan and host, so Wahooz is it!  It's organized fun from the minute we walk in the door and it takes the pressure off of weary moms who are tired of having to come up with ideas for fun.  And we can kick the kids' butts at bowling.  Maybe.

The ultimate experience gift just might be the Boise Music Festival.  It's twelve hours of fun on June 22nd, with the carnival, food trucks, and a whole lot of music.  Pit Bull headlines, and we're gonna have party throwbacks from Color Me Badd, Tone Loc, and a whole lot more.  Get BMF tickets HERE before ticket prices go up.  Level up that plain Mother's Day card by sliding some BMF tickets inside.

Other experience gift ideas for Mom:

A walk on the Greenbelt

Pictures at the Idaho Botanical Garden

Visit the World Center for Birds of Prey

Visit Zoo Boise

Moms are mutli-tasking masters who manage a monster to-do list every day, and we'll accept graciously anytime someone else takes charge of planning fun outings.  Experiences are the perfect gift.

Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 12th, and we'll watch for you on the Greenbelt and at Wahooz.  After the free backrub of course.

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