For the time being I'm crashing at a friend's place while the husband and kiddos are back in Vegas finishing out our lease. In an effort to make the upcoming move less expensive and tiresome, he's been getting rid of furniture, toys, and decor. We're not trying to spend thousands transporting furniture that needs replacing anyway.

In turn, I have been tasked with finding new and gently used furniture for our future home. I have a $200 budget to spend on a patio set, two nightstands, a dresser, and coffee table.

Seeing all of Moug's success procuring inexpensive and free quality items from Facebook Marketplace, that's where I began my hunt. Immediately I found Meridian neighborhoods were dying to unload dressers and nightstands. I scored a matching pair of nightstands for $25! The handles on the drawers are a little loosey goosey, but that's nothing a screwdriver can't fix. Shout out to Moug for generously offering his truck for transporting purposes.

My favorite find was a practically brand new Wayfair coffee table. According to the woman selling it, her husband wouldn't let her change the aesthetic of the living room unless she sold off the entire living room she'd just put together a couple months ago. That worked out perfectly for me! I walked away only spending $40 for a chic table that matches my entertainment center.

I've got $135 left for a dresser and patio set. I'm not too picky about outdoor furniture though, so I think I'll still come in under budget. Just gotta get to scouring those posts. Which neighborhoods do you think have the best offers? Let a girl know!


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