If you want to get in touch with your inner "Toys R Us" kid or score some killer deals on toys for your child, act fast! 

Parents flocked to the toy giant after they announced plans to shut down every one of their U.S. locations, including the one in the Treasure Valley.  Many posted on social media how frustrated they were that there were no real sales of toys yet.

If you were one of those parents slow your roll, Tootsie Roll. You didn't find sales, because the liquidation didn't begin until stores open on Thursday, March 22. The toy giant hasn't revealed exactly which items or brands will have the deepest discounts, but according to the Washington Post, you can expect prices to drop about 30%. There's a 14-week plan for selling out inventory, closing the stores and then the distribution centers, so the discounts will likely get deeper as that deadline approaches.

Obviously, if you're looking for a very particular toy or something that's exclusive to Toys R Us, you'll want to go sooner rather than later before someone swoops in and takes the item you're looking for.  All sales are final and vendors won't be sending any new toys to restock the shelves.

Use Gift Cards ASAP

When Toys R Us announced their bankruptcy and plans to liquidate on March 15, they said that shoppers will be able to use their gift cards, Endless Earnings and Rewards dollars for 30 days.  Counting days on the calendar, the last day for those programs should be April 13.

What about Babies R Us?

For the sake of all of you momma's to be who ONLY registered at Babies R Us, we wanted to let you know that Babies R Us is part of the closures as well.  Your registry will be honored on the same timeline as gift cards, but if your baby shower is still months away...send your friends to grab the items on that registry like, yesterday.

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