Toys "R" Us closed all of its stores after filing for bankruptcy in 2017, but the chain is not finished just yet.  It's making a comeback this holiday season, and it could be a sign of things to come.  

Toys “R” Us is more than just skateboards, stuffed animals, and those little plastic toys that cause horrible pain when you step on them.  The store has a huge emotional connection for people like me because it was a spot where we saw the kids' faces light up over bouncy balls with blinking lights when they were two, and now they're in middle school and have lost their appreciation for simple things and the only thing they want to play with on a regular basis is a screen.

Shopping at Toys "R" Us wasn't just shopping.  Going there was kind of like taking the toddlers on an adventure through a big toy museum where we could dream about owning all of it, and then we would end up with one thing that cost less than twenty bucks because we had a budget.

Maybe you've heard that Toys "R" Us is making a comeback this holiday season as it teams up with Target.  I checked it out and it's already live, with the Target bullseye on each toy listing.  Shoppers can buy toys through the Toys “R” Us website and complete the process on Target’s website.  The item can be shipped, or pick it up at a local Target store.

The parent company of Toy “R” Us says the collaboration is just the beginning.  My 7-year old is thrilled about that.  She still remembers the day we bought her "big, chubby, light blue penguin with the gray beak" at Toys "R" Us and it still sleeps in her bed with her every night.  (That was the cheap toy we ended up with after spending two hours browsing through the more expensive stuff, and it's probably more special because of it.)  Toy stores are more fun when they're not virtual and kids can get their hands on some things, so maybe Target will get to work on building a Toys "R" Us section in their stores.  We'll keep you updated.

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