It seems like there is a National Day for everything, but today is actually a special one because it's National Dog Day. It's the day that we show appreciation for our four-legged family members.

Any dog owner will tell you, we are lucky to have such amazing and loyal pets. I have two dogs Koda and Gypsy and they are opposites but I couldn't imagine life without them. Both of them were rescue dogs, and I always suggest looking at rescue animals before seeking out a breeder. Especially with so many fantastic rescue organizations here in the Treasure Valley.

My favorite part about having two dogs at home are when I am having a bad day, within minutes of being home my dogs have made my day better. They are so excited every time I walk through the door. Mostly because they are hoping I give them a treat but I just love to see them so happy.

So, make sure you take time today to celebrate National Dog Day on Monday, August 26th.

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