Moving in with a partner is never an easy process and for this listener it seems like she is on the verge of giving up. Help us answer another O.P.P!


Hey Guys,

I am writing in for some Group Therapy from you and your listeners. I have been with "Guy" for almost a year, and like most couples, the talk of moving in together has come up. I currently rent an apartment and he is a homeowner, so it makes sense for me to finish my lease and move in with him.

Here is where things get weird...He is a smoker and I am not, and I told him I didn't want to move my smoke-free furniture into his house unless we came to a compromise and the compromise I’m looking for is for him to smoke only outside.


Long story short, after a heated argument he said he would not stop smoking in his own house.

I countered by saying that I would not be able to live him then.

So here we are, two adults, living in separate houses, all the while still having a relationship. Is it worth it to continue to live at my place, and spend weekends at his house like I have been and see if down the road he will pull his head out of his booty about the smoking in his house issue, or do I end the relationship because if he is not willing to compromise on this?

I am torn about what to do at this point. Love the show and listen every morning!

Thanks a bunch!

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