It wasn't that long ago that smoking was a common thing in the Treasure Valley.  I remember walking in after a late night smelling like a nicotine Scentsy bar. People were really thinking it would kill the bar and restaurant business by eliminating smoking.

I was a smoker at the time and it really didn't impact much at all. The positive impact was more than just smelling a million times better the next day but also that second-hand health benefits that you don't really notice. How did people cope? Fast forward to 2019 and people are jumping on the vape bandwagon.

Just hours ago I read an article in the Idaho Statesman that Boise City Council is looking to get rid of vaping in the same areas that smokers are prohibited. The new ban has been unanimously voted to eliminate vaping in the same areas that smokers can't smoke.

  • The Greenbelt
  • Public Places where smoking is prohibited

This is just the first step in banning the popular smoking alternative. Final steps to make this a reality coming soon.

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