Some of the repairs have already started on the Boise Greenbelt after this year's floods, and more fixes are in the works.  It may be next spring though, before the trails are fully back to normal.

The trail under East Parkcenter bridge is still closed, and KTVB says the Greenbelt pathway is also still closed under Veterans Memorial Parkway.  Those are two high priority areas for the city as it considers what to fix as part of a $1.4 million Greenbelt repair project.

Mid to late fall is the goal to have more of the flooded sections repaired and fully functioning.  They've had to wait for the waters to continue to recede to assess the damage and make sure the landscape is ready for the next step, kinda like we need recovery time after the flu before we're able to get back to our normal routines.

KTVB also reports the goal is to have the whole Greenbelt area and the river banks in the city's pathway system restored by the middle of next spring.

This has been an odd year, right?  With the heavy rains and floods, then the triple digits of summer, and now the air quality worries and more heat.  The Treasure Valley is ready for "normal" again, whatever that is.  When the Greenbelt truly looks like its old self again next spring, that will help.

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